Contacting a Calgary DUI Lawyer

Your Calgary DUI defence begins as soon as you are pulled over, and a lawyer with experience successfully handling impaired driving cases can be an important part of that defence. Many articles on this site detail exactly how a DUI defence lawyer can help you with your case, but what actually happens when you contact a lawyer? When should you first call, what should you be prepared to discuss, and where will things go from there?

This article spells out what to do and what to expect when contacting a Calgary DUI lawyer for the first time. It should be one of the easiest choices you make, and will make the rest of your impaired driving defence easier, too.

Call a Calgary DUI Lawyer As Soon As Possible
This basic tip has been covered before, but it's one of the most important facts involved in any DUI case arising in Calgary: you have the right to call a defence lawyer as soon as practically possible following your arrest or detention, and that's a right you should exercise.

Calling a defence lawyer right away, before you begin responding to detailed questions from Calgary law enforcement and before you start trying to present arguments in your defence, limits the possibility that you will say something that might hurt your case. A thorough, honest discussion with a DUI lawyer will also give you insights into what you can expect in the immediate future, and help you face your arrest and detention more calmly and with greater optimism.

Be Honest and Open With Your Defence Lawyer
On that initial phone call and in every subsequent conversation you have with your DUI lawyer, it's important that you are honest and open with them regarding the details of your case and other circumstances. Though a Calgary defence lawyer will not need to know every detail of your personal life, they will need to know the sequence of events that led up to your impaired driving arrest or accusation, and other features of your life, your habits, and your drinking or drug use could also be pertinent to your case.

Being open about these issues can be difficult, but it's important that your DUI lawyer has all the information they need to fight for an effective defence in every way possible. 

Listen to Your DUI Lawyer, and Be Patient
Chances are, the only specific instruction you'll get from a DUI lawyer during that first phone call is, "don't answer questions until I'm there with you." Getting your impaired driving charge behind you quickly will be one of your lawyer's top goals, but a single phone call isn't going to cut it. Be patient, listen to your defence lawyer's advice, and know that they have your best interests at heart. You were honest with them; trust them to be honest with you, and take their advice.

If you or a family member has been arrested for impaired driving and you'd like a free initial consultation, please contact Calgary DUI lawyer Susan Karpa today. Protect your rights; don't try to face your case alone.