Calgary Named Top Ten City

After recent mixed news regarding crime rates in Calgary , the city's fifth-place ranking in The Economist's annual Global Liveability Ranking and Report is an achievement that provides no shortage of reasons to smile.

The Economist uses data from a variety of sources, measuring 30 different factors divided into five categories: stability, health, education, infrastructure, and culture and environment. The last category, culture and environment, is Calgary's weakest area according to the data used something many Calgarians might disagree with but our city still receives high marks for its cultural offerings and can't be beat when it comes to healthcare, education, and stability.

The fact that crime is already low and trending downward in Calgary, overall and in most specific crime categories, can only have helped Calgary's stability score in the eyes of The Economist's number-crunchers. Although Calgary is still ranked behind Toronto and Vancouver (and perennial list-topper Melbourne, Australia), one might say the Heart of the New West is stampeding its way to the top.

Meanwhile, Calgary's celebrations of culture continue to grow more accessible and more diverse, in keeping with the city's population, and Calgary is an increasingly popular national and international travel destination. Who knows 2015 could see Calgary ranked as Number One!