Calgary Impaired Driving, DUI, or DWI All Spell Legal Trouble

No matter what you call it, impaired driving, driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while intoxicated (DWI), if you take to Calgary's roads and highways after drinking or using drugs, you're not only exposing yourself and others to a greatly increased risk for physical harm, you're also exposing yourself to significant legal troubles. You can hire a Calgary criminal defence lawyer to help you with your case after impaired driving charges have been laid against you, but even better would be avoiding the trouble altogether.

A Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer's Ability to Help Against a DUI Charge

In most impaired driving or DUI cases, a criminal defence lawyer with experience handling these charges in Calgary courts or after they have been brought by Calgary Police can be of great benefit in determining the accused person's options, helping them defend the charges against them, and mitigating the impact these charges have on their lives. Dedicated defence lawyers know that people make mistakes, and these mistakes should not have lifelong repercussions. That's why Calgary criminal defence lawyers work hard to defend those who have been charged with impaired driving, helping them get any necessary treatment and get their lives back on track.

A quick glance at impaired driving statistics from the City of Calgary shows that the majority of impaired driving charges brought in the city where the driver had a BAC of more than .08 resulted in a license suspension: from a total of 1,367 charges laid in 2012, 1,309 drivers in Calgary had their licenses suspended, and this was not necessarily the extent of the legal consequences they faced.

Now, it is likely that a large number of these drivers did not promptly consult with a defence lawyer after receiving their DUI charge, and again, the circumstances of each individual DUI charge matter a great deal. Consulting with a lawyer right away can not only help lessen the penalties drivers face in many cases, but in some it can even lead to charges being dismissed or set aside altogether. If you are charged with impaired driving in Calgary and do not seek advice from a legal professional, however, it is all but certain that you will face a major disruption to your life and your livelihood.

Find a Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer As Soon as Possible

If you or a loved one has been charged with impaired driving in the Calgary area, it is in your best interest to contact a criminal defence lawyer right away. For a free initial consultation to discuss your specific case and the options available to you, contact Calgary criminal defence lawyer Susan Karpa today. You will be better protecting yourself, your family, and Calgary as a whole by getting the help you need. Don't let one mistake control the rest of your life, call today.