Calgary Gives Everyone a Sporting Chance, and Not Just in Court

Calgary and its citizens love a good competition.

I'm not talking about the court system or my work as a criminal defence lawyer there's enjoyment in a job well done, but I hardly view protecting people's rights as a competitive game. I'm talking about the Calgary Stampede, the Calgary Stampeders, the Canada Olympic Park, and the many other athletic competitions that call Calgary home.

This week, Calgary sees the Tour of Alberta bicycle race get its start with a time trial that will determine the pecking order of the cyclists throughout the five stages of the race itself. Calgary Police Services will be closing off a few roads near the Canada Olympic Park on Tuesday evening, but the excitement is worth the touch of inconvenience.

The Tour of Alberta is just one of the many fall sporting events that will attract a crowd to Calgary this season, and I for one couldn't be happier. Work hard, play hard, is my motto, and I'll be happy to step away from the law books to cheer on a cyclist, take in a game, and join the rest of Calgary in showing my sporting support while having some fun along the way.

Hope to see you out there, too!