Calgary DUI Defence: Getting it Right the First Time

You get second chances with a lot of things in life, but if you've been charged with a DUI offence in Calgary you want to get your defence done right the first time. Miss your chance, and you could find yourself with years of legal troubles and a lifetime spent with your DUI conviction following you around.

One mistake shouldn't indefinitely disrupt your family, your job, and your life. Get the right defence for your Calgary DUI the first time around, and put the event behind you as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Knowledge of DUI Laws is Essential

If you want to successfully defend against a DUI charge arising in Calgary, you need someone on your side who has comprehensive knowledge regarding DUI laws and the way impaired driving cases proceed in the courts. The difference between administrative and criminal cases and penalties, and [how the law defines which type of offence applies to your DUI case] (, is just the beginning. There is case law and precedent, rules of procedure for courts, rules law enforcement have to follow when investigating and possible DUI, and more.

In short, it takes years to get the knowledge and experience you need to explore and effectively pursue all effective defence strategies for a DUI case. Unless you happen to be a Calgary DUI lawyer or have one in the family, chances are you don't possess that knowledge and experience, nor do you know anyone who you can be sure is on your side from the moment of your arrest. If you don't act soon to get someone knowledgeable in your corner, your chances of mounting a successful DUI defence dwindle significantly.

You need advice from the moment you start talking to Calgary law enforcement until the last day of your court trial, if your case proceeds to a trial, or your DUI charge is likely to have serious repercussions for a very long time. Losing your license and your vehicle is the first punishment the majority of those accused of DUIs in Calgary face, and it's just the beginning, hefty fines, longer license suspensions, ignition interlock devices, and even jail time can all result from an improperly defended DUI case.

Call a Calgary DUI Lawyer

Call the right Calgary DUI defence lawyer at the earliest opportunity, and you'll be setting yourself up for the right kind of defence from the outset. You'll get someone who is ready to fight to make sure your rights are protected, someone who understands what a DUI case means to your family and your life, and who wants to see you returned to your normal life as quickly as possible. Most importantly, you'll get someone who has the know-how to see your case through effectively, giving you the defence you deserve without the need to hope for a second chance.

If you or a family member has been accused of a DUI in Calgary, contact defence lawyer Susan Karpa right away for a free consultation. Discuss the specifics of your case, and get real advice from someone who brings years of experience to the table. You don't have to face your DUI charge alone.