Calgary Drunk Driving Penalties and How a Lawyer Can Help

In case you haven't heard the news, Alberta enacted new sanctions targeting drunk drivers in 2012, and there's no sign of them being rescinded any time soon. Calgary Police have also ramped up their efforts when it comes to identifying and arresting drunk drivers, including widespread public awareness campaigns and an increased use of "DUI Checkpoints", areas on certain Calgary roads that become temporary traffic stops to check all drivers and ensure their sobriety.

All of this means that there is a greater risk of being caught if you make the choice to drive drunk in Calgary, and that you're at risk of facing more severe penalties if you are caught. This article will outline exactly what penalties are spelled out in Alberta's laws and how an experienced Calgary drunk driving defence lawyer can help you mitigate the damage if you make the mistake of driving while intoxicated.

Drunk Driving Penalties Are All But Certain Without a Lawyer

For new drivers with a Graduated Driver's License (GDL), a detected BAC (blood alcohol content) of any amount can lead to an immediate 30-day license suspension and a 7-day vehicle seizure.

For all drivers, a detected BAC between .05 and .08 can lead to a three day license suspension for a first offence, rising to a 15-day suspension for a second offence and a 30-day suspension for a third drunk driving offence. Vehicle seizures of three days for a first offence and seven days for subsequent offences are also imposed for DUI/DWI offences at this level.

All of these penalties also apply to drunk driving cases arising from a BAC greater than .08, with criminal charges also being laid and license suspension remaining in effect until those charges have been resolved. Those convicted of a criminal drunk driving charge, in addition to other possible penalties, receive mandatory ignition interlock devices for a full year following a first conviction, three years for a second conviction, and five years for a third.

Without a lawyer experienced in handling drunk driving cases, anyone facing DUI/DWI charges in Calgary is almost certain to experience some or all of the above-listed penalties. With the right lawyer by your side, however, you can often face reduced penalties or even have charges dismissed altogether depending on the specific circumstances of your case and surrounding your arrest. Equipped with a detailed knowledge of drunk driving laws and the rules Calgary Police must follow, a defence lawyer will be able to identify and explore defence strategies that remain invisible to most drivers.

Your Calgary Drunk Driving Charge Deserves an Experienced Lawyer

Don't subject yourself or your family to the harsh drunk driving penalties written into Alberta's laws. Contact dedicated Calgary drunk driving defence lawyer Susan Karpa today for a free consultation. Discuss the specific details of your case and see what options you have when it comes to putting your drunk driving charges behind you quickly, allowing you and your family to move on with your lives.