Calgary Drunk Driving Incidents Down, Penalties Up

You've heard it many times, including in every DUI article posted to this site: the best defence against a DUI is simply staying out of the driver's seat if you've had any alcohol. This advice is even more important ever since Alberta toughened up the penalties for DUIs, including the establishment of administrative penalties for anyone driving with a BAC (blood alcohol content) between .05 and .08 and more severe criminal penalties for drivers with a BAC over .08. These new laws have already had an impact on DUI's in Calgary, in more ways than one.

Calgary Defence Lawyers Want What's Best, For You and for Calgary

No one wants to see more DUI cases in the courts, because no one wants to see more DUIs. The fewer DUIs there are, the safer Calgary becomes and the more court and criminal justice resources can be freed up for other areas of concern. The goal of Alberta's harsher drunk driving laws and of law enforcement crackdowns on the problem is not to punish more people with long sentences or clog the courts with DUI cases; the goal is to persuade people to stop driving while under the influence.

DUI defence lawyers in Calgary have the same goal, and for the same reasons. Keeping Calgary safe means making everyone aware of the physical and the legal dangers presented by drunk drivers. Anytime someone in Calgary gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, even if they only feel "buzzed" or "tipsy," they are at a statistically greater risk of causing an accident. That's the reality, and there's no getting around it.

Defence lawyers also realize that people make mistakes, and those mistakes shouldn't cause a lifetime of ramifications. Many people accused of DUIs or arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence will not be well-served by criminal sentences or even administrative penalties, and that these outcomes are often not in the best interest of Calgary's general population, either. Education programs, alcohol dependency treatment, and other diversion programs can be far more effective at eliminating drunk driving and the risks it poses to all involved, including those accused of DUIs themselves.

It might be that the harsher penalties have directly contributed to falling rates of DUI incidents in Alberta. It might also be that greater public awareness of the seriousness of the issue has made more people think twice before they get behind the wheel while intoxicated, and that many in Calgary are now more willing to call the police when they see someone on the road who might be intoxicated. One thing is definitely clear: the physical risk to yourself and others might be the same as it always was, but your legal vulnerability is now much greater if you choose to take to Calgary's roads after drinking.

Contact a DUI Defence Lawyer and Get the Help You Need

If you or a family member has been arrested for driving under the influence in Calgary or the surrounding area, you are entitled to speak to a criminal defence lawyer right away. They can help you determine your best course of action and get the DUI charges put behind you faster than you might be able to do yourself. For a free initial consultation, please contact Calgary defence lawyer Susan Karpa today.