Arrested for a DUI in Calgary? A Defence Lawyer May be Able to Help

Let's face it: most DUI/DWI arrests made in Calgary are 100% avoidable. Don't drink alcohol or take drugs, including many kinds of prescription drugs, before getting behind the wheel of your car, and the odds that you'll be pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence/driving while intoxicated are virtually non-existent. You've heard it before, but it bears repeating each and every time the issue comes up: your best defence against a DUI/DWI is not to get behind the wheel when you're even the tiniest bit impaired.

Mistakes are made, though, both by drivers in Calgary who are normally careful and conscientious and even occasionally by Calgary-area law enforcement officers. Whether your arrest for a DUI/DWI in Calgary was a result of your actions and decisions or if you feel that you are being misrepresented in the charges laid against you, a Calgary DUI defence lawyer might be able to help.

Calgary DUI Lawyers Know the Impaired Driving Laws

On the surface, Calgary's DUI/DWI laws are relatively simple, as previous articles have outlined. The difference between an administrative penalty and a mandatory criminal charge can be as little as drink or two, when it comes to alcohol-related impaired driving arrests, and again the best way to avoid any DUI arrest is to simply not get behind the wheel if you've had anything to drink. You probably don't need a lawyer to explain these basic elements of the law following an alcohol-related DUI/DWI arrest.

DUI arrests and charges can be more complex when it comes drug-related impaired driving, and especially so when it comes to mixing driving with the legal use of prescribed medications. These are situations when a Calgary DUI lawyer might be able to share some knowledge and expertise it's difficult to find elsewhere. The type of drug and level of impairment it caused, and whether or not the drug was legally prescribed and ingested, can all change the circumstances of your DUI/DWI arrest and case.

In all DUI/DWI arrests, a Calgary DUI/DWI lawyer can help explain your options, work with law enforcement and Crown prosecutors to ensure you receive the best possible outcome and the best chance at a return to a normal and productive life, and in some cases can represent your interests in the Calgary court system, a system that most people arrested for DUIs in Calgary are not overly familiar with, but that a DUI defence lawyer knows inside and out. From answering basic questions and giving you the information you need to fighting on your behalf within the large and complex criminal justice system, DUI/DWI lawyers in Calgary have been instrumental in getting persons accused of drunk driving back on their feet and back to their lives.

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