A DUI Lawyer's Three Top Tips for Calgary Drivers

You've seen a lot of information about facing DUI charges in Calgary on this site. Alberta's DUI laws, the approaches used by the Calgary police when it comes to finding impaired drivers, the penalties you might face if you are convicted of a DUI in the Calgary courts, all of these have been detailed at length in the information I've produced for this site.

All of this information is important to understanding your DUI case, and there are other, deeper details that a DUI lawyer has to know to effectively defend your case. Too much information can be confusing, though, so here are three quick but vitally important tips that can help keep you safe both physically and legally on Calgary's streets.

1. Driving With ANY Level of Impairment Can Lead to a Calgary DUI Charge

If you've been paying attention, you know that Alberta's DUI laws mean anyone who takes to Calgary's streets with a BAC (blood alcohol content) over .05 faces administrative penalties, and any driver with a BAC over .08 faces additional criminal charges. Even without that much alcohol in your system, though, without any alcohol in your system at all, in fact, you can still find yourself needing the services of a DUI lawyer.

Not only can you face a DUI charge in the Calgary courts if you've ingested substances other than alcohol, including prescription drugs that can impair your driving abilities, but even alcohol consumption that doesn't bring you to the legally-defined thresholds could result in your arrest for DUI. If an officer with the Calgary Police determines, from your driving and/or lawful field sobriety tests after you've been pulled over, that you are intoxicated, you can be arrested for a DUI. Don't think you're safe if you've only had a little to drink, if it's enough to alter your functioning, it could be enough to get you a DUI charge.

2. A Calgary DUI Lawyer Makes a Difference

Drivers in Calgary who face their charges without a DUI lawyer are more likely to lose their license and face other penalties than those who contact a defence lawyer early and use their expert counsel to develop and implement their fight against the charges. It makes sense, and it's true. Not only does a DUI lawyer have experience with the rules of court procedures and the laws that law enforcement must follow at every stage of a DUI case, they also know all of the alternatives to courts, fines, and jail time that Calgary citizens might be entitled to.

3. You Can Call a DUI Lawyer Any Time

From the time you are arrested for your DUI until the end of your court case, if your case goes to court, you are entitled to consult with a DUI lawyer, and to have them represent you. Calgary Police, other law enforcement, and Crown prosecutors must respect and protect your right to a lawyer's counsel, precisely because the law recognizes that justice is best served when everyone has a knowledgeable advocate on their side.

If you're in need of such an advocate, contact Calgary DUI lawyer Susan Karpa today. At no cost and with no obligation, you'll be able to discuss your DUI case and start preparing for your future rather than dwelling on a past mistake.