A Calgary DUI Lawyer Could Be Key to Your Future

What happens when you're charged with a DUI in Calgary? That depends in part on the context of your DUI, and also on the actions you take following your arrest. The sooner you contact a Calgary DUI lawyer, the better your chance of returning to your normal life quickly and with minimal interruption. A lawyer isn't required, but it can mean the difference between losing your driver's license, paying substantial fines, earning a criminal recording, and even spending time in jail.

If you think these outcomes seem like an extreme reaction to a single mistake, you're not alone, many defence lawyers and everyday citizens in Calgary agree with you. But if you think these DUI penalties will be easy to avoid just because they seem unfair, you'd better think again: most people in Calgary convicted of DUI offences involving a BAC over .08 end up losing their license for a year, at the very least, and many must contend with stiffer punishments than that.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Beat Your Calgary DUI

After your arrest in Calgary, you are entitled to contact a lawyer to assist you with your defence. Contacting a DUI lawyer is not an admission of guilt, nor does it change how Calgary police or Crown prosecutors are allowed to proceed with your case. What it changes is the level of knowledge and expertise you'll have on your side.

The police and prosecutors already have expertise on their side, as they bring hundreds of DUI cases against Calgary citizens every year. They know exactly what the law entitles them to do, they know how to build a case against you, and they know the rules of law enforcement and court procedure, it's their job to know. The average Calgarian has none of this knowledge and experience, and when it comes to fighting your DUI charge knowledge is everything.

It's a DUI defence lawyer's job to provide that knowledge on your behalf, matching the Calgary police and the Crown prosecutors step for step, and keeping you a step ahead. It's not that a DUI lawyer can help you circumvent the law, but that a DUI lawyer will make sure you aren't trampled by the law and its officers simply due to your inexperience. Canadian law recognizes that justice can't be served if you don't have a knowledgeable and dedicated advocate on your side, no matter what type of case you're facing; when it's an impaired driving charge, a lawyer with experience handling DUI cases is that advocate.

Free Consultations With a Top Calgary DUI Lawyer

If you or a family member has been arrested for a DUI in Calgary, or if you are currently facing DUI charges in a Calgary court, you don't have to face it alone. Contact Calgary DUI lawyer Susan Karpa for a free initial consultation, and make sure your rights are protected from the outset. You deserve a chance to put your DUI behind you and get back to your family, your job, and your life, don't let that chance be taken away.