A Calgary Drunk Driving Lawyer with Compassion

Drunk driving remains a relatively common offence in Calgary, despite the dangers it presents both to drunk drivers themselves and to other Calgary residents and visitors. With Alberta's harsh penalties for driving while impaired by alcohol, the dangers aren't just physical but also legal, and finding a lawyer can be an important step in recovering from the incident and returning to a normal and productive life.

Not just any drunk driving defence lawyers will do, though. Though there are many defence lawyers in Calgary who defend those accused of DUI/DWI offences, finding one who demonstrates true compassion and understanding, not only for the specific details of your impaired driving offense but for you as a person and the impact of this incident on your family, is an important part of a defence that will keep you in control and your life intact.

The Right Defence Lawyer Knows: Drunk Driving Mistakes Shouldn't Control Your Life

When Calgary Police lay a charge for drunk driving, one of the most common outcomes is the loss of the accused's driver's license. This can be a major disruption to your life in and of itself, but without the help of a good lawyer it might not be the end of an impaired driving charge's impact on your present lifestyle and your future opportunities. Administrative and criminal penalties can accompany a DUI/DWI charge received on Calgary's streets, and limiting their impact on you and your family is a defence lawyer's job.

A compassionate Calgary lawyer knows that drunk driving is a mistake, not an unforgivable offence that ought to plague you for years. No one's best interests are served by making it difficult for those who face DUI/DWI charges to earn a living, to be forced apart from their families, or to face a lifetime with the onus of a long-past mistake still hanging around their necks. This might be what the law can hand down as punishment in many cases, but that doesn't mean the law is right.

Moving past the mistake, putting it behind you once and for all so you can pick up your life and move on with it, that is what's in your best interests, and truly in Calgary's best interests, too. A truly compassionate defence lawyer not only understands this, but works as hard to help those accused of driving drunk move forward as they would if it were their own lives and well-being at stake. The right lawyer won't have to struggle to treat you like a member of their own family, but will in fact insist upon it. The only right way to defend a drunk driving case is with complete understanding and acknowledgement of the accused's humanity, not with judgment and condemnation, and you deserve nothing less.

Contact a Compassionate Calgary Defence Lawyer for Your Drunk Driving Case

If you or a family member has been arrested for drunk driving and is currently facing charges in the Calgary courts, the sooner you contact a defence lawyer the better. Please call or email Susan Karpa for a free initial consultation today.